Freelance multimedia journalist and filmmaker based in Germany.

Human driven stories have been at the forefront of my work as a freelance journalist. While major policy decisions drive the news agenda, the human consequences of those policy decisions are what drive my work.

In Turkey, I’ve covered most major news stories including the Gezi Park protests in Istanbul, the suicide bombings that tore through Reyhanli and Ankara as well as the mining disaster in Soma that claimed the lives of more than 300 workers. 

I’ve covered the plight of the tens of thousands of migrants who have flooded across the Syria-Turkey border including the misery of the refugee camps, the fighting that caused them to flee, and I’ve followed their desperate journey through Europe.  I was on the scene when ISIS launched its initial assault on Kobani and followed the subsequent ground battle and US airstrikes.

Outside Turkey, I followed the general strikes in Cambodia, the widespread anti-government demonstrations in Thailand, in addition to profiling environmental and social grassroots movements in Europe.

My work has made me a part of international media teams from CNN, Associated Press, TIME, TVE, Harper’s Magazine, BILD, Eurasianet and TransTerra Media in various roles from video journalist to field producer to fixer. 

My background is not just confined to news, I direct and produce documentaries in addition to having experience with TV production from series to commercials. 

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