Contributed to this story as Video-Journalist. "So far, more than 600,000 people have reached Greece from Turkey this year, with the vast majority aiming to move on to more prosperous countries in Western Europe." Click to continue with the original report.

Latvijas Televīzija: Eiropas vārti

Contributed to that report as freelance line producer and Journalist. 21' documentary aired on Latvian National Television, deeply investigates the "Human Trafficking" in West Coasts of Turkey. Below you'll find the documentary. (in Latvian)  

Video Teaser for a Book: Anlıyorum ama Konusamiyorum

Worked as video designer in this project. Teaser video for the book named "I understand but I can't speak" which brings forward deep coverage on Systematical Assimilation have been going on in Turkey, written by the author Alev Karaduman, published by İletişim Publishing on Sept/2015. “Batı”da, büyük şehir ortamında büyüyen Kürt gençlerin kimliklerini keşfetme hikâyeleri…... Continue Reading →

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