Associated Press TV: Turkey: Ankara Blasts-Memorial

I contributed to this report as a videojournalist.

Thousands of people gathered in Ankara on Sunday to mourn the victims of twin explosions that shook Turkey’s capital the previous day, killing 95 people.

Mourners also gathered at a place of worship for Turkey’s Alevi community to bid a final farewell to one of the victims.

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BILD:Als das Boot vollläuft, haben alle Todesangst

Contributed to this report as line producer and Journalist.

“On the beach, where many other German tourists on holiday, the wind is blowing, the sky is clear. We should hide behind bushes, do not use mobile phones. Families are here, many small children and a man who only has one leg.”

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Video Teaser for a Book: Anlıyorum ama Konusamiyorum

Worked as video designer in this project.

Teaser video for the book named “I understand but I can’t speak” which brings forward deep coverage on Systematical Assimilation have been going on in Turkey, written by the author Alev Karaduman, published by İletişim Publishing on Sept/2015.

“Batı”da, büyük şehir ortamında büyüyen Kürt gençlerin kimliklerini keşfetme hikâyeleri… Kâh “Türkler” tarafından, kâh “gerçek Kürtler” tarafından yadırganarak… Kendilerini türlü türlü eksikli hissedip, bir yandan da her şeye eleştirel bakarak… Alev Karaduman, birçok hikâyeyi, gözlemlerine ve kendi arayışına katarak, heyecanla, hevesle anlatıyor.

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below you can watch the video (in Turkish)

Anlıyorum Ama Konuşamıyorum – Alev Karaduman from Alev Karaduman on Vimeo.

CNN Exclusive: Syrian refugees swarm Turkish port city hoping to catch boats to new lives

Contributed to this report as Video-Journalist.

“On a secluded beach on the Turkish coast, men stand knee-deep in shallow water, loading a group of about 30 people into a black, inflated pontoon boat. The passengers — refugees and migrants bound for the Greek island of Lesbos — cram in, wearing lifejackets or inner tubes around their necks, a sign of the potential dangers ahead.”

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Transterra Media: Drowning Civilizations: Turkey Dams Threaten Villages in Mesopotamia

Directed, edited and produced this documentary for Transterra Media.

“The ancient village of Hasankeyf, located in southeast Turkey is said to be one of the oldest continually inhabited settlements in the world. Situated on the banks of the Tigris river, this picturesque village has settlement activity and artifacts pre-dating the Mesopotamian era. However, in 2015, that history, and the entire village, is set to be drowned when South West Anatolia (GAP) Dam project activates its latest installment and creates a large water reservoir that will engulf the village.”

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Turkey: Anti-ISIS Civilian Border Patrols

Short documentary produced and directed by me and Sine Ergun, edited by me available on Transterra Media.

“From the beginning of the battle for Kobane, many volunteers from numerous districts around Turkey gathered in the villages close to the border to help patrol the border and prevent ISIS fighters from slipping in and out of Syria. Despite the fact that that Kurdish forces have now cleared Kobane of ISIS fighters, volunteers still patrol in the villages close to the border, fearing ISIS remnants will slip through.”

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PRI’s The World: Conflicts over ISIS turn physical and violent on Turkey’s college campuses

Contributed to this report as photojournalist, fixer and translator.

“Campus life in Turkey has been a little tense lately. In recent weeks, masked, stick-wielding students have clashed with leftist activists over banners criticizing ISIS and Turkey’s apparent indifference over the fate of the predominately Kurdish city of Kobane in neighboring Syria.”

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