Germany: New Generation Diaspora


One of the things that those who manage to go from Turkey hear most is the sentence “You’ve left and saved yourself, good for you.” Do the departers truly live in a euphoria of victory with a fundamental sense of salvation?

The fact that the common ground of the individuals we interviewed eventually came to Gezi Park protests and their aftermath led us to name this new diaspora the “Gezi Diaspora.”

Two part multi-media file including a long article, detailed statistics and a short documentary published in Turkish, Kurdish and English by me and my colleague Volkan Agir.

* The “Unemployed Journalists Chasing News” project is being realized with the financial support of Matra-Human Rights Program of Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

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HARPER’S Magazine: What the Camera Saw: Investigating a Turkish protester’s death

Contributed to that report as a fixer.

“A few months earlier, a young protester named Abdullah Cömert had died on Gündüz Street after allegedly being struck by a tear-gas canister — the second Gezi fatality nationwide. Shortly after midnight, on September 10, in the faint red glow recorded by the camera, a twenty-two-year-old named Ahmet Atakan became the sixth. How Atakan died — whether hit by a tear-gas canister or after falling from a building — was a matter of controversy.”

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